Yoga for the Cyclist

Yoga isn’t just for ladies in spandex at the gym. This form of exercise is beneficial to the cyclist as well, all of us in spandex on the bike! Kate Courtney, the best US Mountain Bike Cyclist currently practices this often as part of her routine to keep her body in check. The balance and dynamic moves translate to the bike and allow for a better flow when you are on the bike. Yoga will help you control the body and the mind. When you get that under better control with your breathing, your flow on the bike will enhance! Check into YouTube for the new series How to Cycle Fast. This is just a little tidbit on topics I will cover to help you on your way to cycling better! Get started with a Yoga Routine today, check out the starter program below. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell so you don’t miss out on new content.

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