Went South for Warm Weather

Over the Holidays the kids had some time off from school. Being stuck in Michigan, most people need to get away to warm air and that amazing feeling of sunshine on the skin to stay chemically balanced. I had been looking at the weather and the temperatures in some of the southern states like Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia. The reason I looked to those states was due to the fact that we could also hit some mountain bike trials while down there. Well, the weather did not look SUNNY or WARM in any of those areas. So I looked further south, and there is only one place further south and that was Florida.

The last time we were in Florida we noticed the beauty of the outdoors kind of sucked unless you were on the ocean or at Disney World. So on my reluctant search, I looked just south of the border and saw a big long trail system that we could hang out at for hiking, biking, and touristing. That town was Ocala.

All packed and ready to go!

Holy cow, was I blown away with the beauty of the area and the state parks with the crystal clear rivers that you can swim in! I was also blown away by how awesome the mountain biking trails are down there, the more we rode, the cooler the trails were. If you have not been to Florida to ride their Mountain Bike Trail Systems I highly recommend checking them out. You can even bring the kids as there are things for them to do as well!

We enjoyed swimming, hiking, biking, good food, animal watching at a state park, the ocean, as well as hanging out with each other and enjoying the time together. Videos of the MTB Trails are posted at the bottom, enjoy!

Swimming with the gators!
So much fun!
Hanging out!
Family bike ride!
Little man tearing up the trail!
More swimming, this seemed to be their favorite activity.
Checking out the animals!

Sunset on the Ocean!

We started riding at Santos and eventually made our way to the West on that trail system, then down to Balm Boyette, and our last stop was at Alafia.

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