Strength Training and the Cyclist

As a cyclist you should include some form of strength training into your routine. This will improve strength, balance, and get some movement outside of the normal cycling plane of motion. Not only can you build strength to control and maneuver the bike better, but you can increase your total body strength which will make you stronger and faster on the bike. Makes it so you can clip a tree with your bars and ride through it instead of crashing. Allow you to handle rough terrain better. Allow you to climb hills better. Adding more stress to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones then what you do during cycling is a huge benefit. As we age muscle loss happens very fast if we do not strength train. Look up sarcopenia! If you are over 40 you better get started sooner than later! Less risk of injury, better health as you age, less chance of fracture when a crash on the bike takes place. This is all a part of the new series on YouTube called How to Cycle Fast. Be sure to subscribe to the channel. Now pick one of these routines and get started!

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