Testimonials & Reviews

We aim to have products and services that our customers enjoy and love!  See the testimonials below, and be sure to connect with us, subscribe on YOUTUBE!

“Just putting this out there, Rob is the man that you want coaching you! He has worked with me all year to get me ready for the Crusher, a 234 mile gravel race through some of the roughest terrain in the UP. I could have not been better prepared! The race has a 36 hour cutoff, my goal was 24 hours and I finished in 19:35 and still felt fresh at the end. Rob does a great job and all plans are personalized to your needs and goals.”

Jim P

“When I first started cycling, I thought going fast was all about more miles, as hard as I could go, as many days as possible.  Then, one day, I saw a post about getting a coach to help you go faster.  A coach for cycling? At first, I was hesitant, and actually a little to prideful to think I needed a coach for cycling.  Boy, was I wrong!  I’ve been using Rob’s custom programs now for a little over a year.  I’ve gone from finishing middle of the pack to consistently competing for the podium in my division.  Best of all, I’ve lost over 50 pounds!  In 2019, I took 2nd overall in the 22 mile Barry Roubaix, a race where I hadn’t even finished in the top 25 in previous years.  I also placed a top ten overall and first in my age group in the 2019 Yankee Springs Time Trial Sport Category.  I’m excited to see what this fall brings, as I’m currently finishing an 11 week plan Rob designed.  Needless to say, you DO need a coach to go fast, and Rob has just the right programs to make that happen. Thanks Rob for all your support this past year!”

Josh R

“UrBikeLife apparel and products are great quality, durable, and comfortable. Thanks for making these great cycling products!”
Brent L

“I am here to give a thumbs to what I consider the best cycling beanie I have ever worn! The UrBikeLife beanie is super warm, soft, and fits better than others. Some don’t cover the ears, or are too tight. Not the case here! By far the best I have tried, and I get a lot of positive comments. I would highly recommend.  Service is great as well.”

Mark N

“Thanks UrBikeLife for the new gear! My bike life is fat, and now I can show it off year round.  Fat bike beanie for the winter and fatty trucker hat for the summer.  The hats fit great and look awesome! I love the car decal too!”

Josh R

“Good quality, creative, and unique cycling products designed by a local cycling

enthusiast.  They have created some good stuff for folks to express their love of cycling!”

Josh V

“The Fat Bike trucker hat is an awesome hat! High quality that will take the abuse a mountain biker will put it through.  Very comfy and great design. One of my favorites, Great product!!!”

Rob R

“We bought a hat and sticker for our 15 year old son, the quality was nice and he loves them both.  The shipping time was fantastic!”

Kimberly B

I ordered two shirts, a long sleeve and a short sleeve.  Both were high quality, fit well, and arrived quickly! Thanks!

David P