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2018 Expert Level MTB Training Program (peak for 1 or 2 Races)

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This is a 9 week MTB (also can be used for Fat Bike Racing) training program that will get you in shape to kick ass in the Expert category (Cat 1 or 2).  If you are in a pinch and only have 5 weeks, you can roll weeks 2,5,6,8,9 in the program.  If you are a few weeks away and you have been riding and have great fitness, you can smash weeks 5,7, and 9.  With this program you will get 9 weeks of workouts to follow on the bike as well as 9 weeks on Strength Training! Adding a foam roller routine two times a week to your schedule would be beneficial at this level of racing. Is it your goal to get better, to win, to move up to the next level?  Get started with this plan today.  Most 9 week plans are around $100, I am a Certified Strength Coach through the NSCA, my credentials, CSCS.  Also with this you will get up to 2 email, Facebook, or phone conversations a week.  If you have questions or need the program altered a little, use one of these methods to reach out.  If you do not have any of my contact info, just send an email to