Before we even thought of vanlife, maybe even before there was a thing called vanlife, the wife and I would camp in a tent.  Tent camping has its benefits as well as its pitfalls, I’m not going to go through them.

With some wet tent experiences under our belts we decided to move to a pop up camper.  I have to say, this was a lot more work than the tent and had more pitfalls. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long before we sold it and moved on to a motorhome.

We had the motorhome for many years, took it to many places, it was amazing, you load up food and you leave, everything was already in it and good to go.  All the positives were the reason we kept it so long, the kids were super excited every time we were getting ready to go on another excursion. 

Then along came this idea of the vanlife, or a van conversion where you take a normal cargo van and turn it into a motorhome. I started watching videos, reading, and asking friends questions about what they had done and how it worked.  Two huge downfalls of the motorhome helped in this decision:

  1. It was huge and it got scary in high winds and on the mountains going down.  It also couldn’t go off on two tracks either.
  2. The fuel consumption was outrageous.

So the idea of the van was exciting, especially one that could go off grid, or plug in and have most of the amenities you have at home.  After showing my wife what a friend had done to his, it was now time to sell the motorhome and get the van!

This month we are taking the van on its first family trip, can’t wait to see how it goes!

Below are the three videos that go through the build in pretty good detail, feel free to share the videos with others you know are looking to build a van, and also be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel as we don’t have many subscribers yet.  We get a good amount of watch time on the channel, we just need to get quite a few more subscriptions to break YouTube’s 1000 subscriber mark for it to be worth putting these videos together, thanks in advance.

End of the Season

Being the end of the season, or close to the end, doesn’t mean that the training and bike riding stops! I still have a few more races in me!

Let’s jump back a couple months to September when I raced the Bear Claw Epic mtb race.  It was a very cold September morning and the field of racers was looking very competitive!  Everything went well until we ran into the sport racers and that basically broke up groups with some running their bikes through the woods, others trying to pedal through the woods around slower traffic, and others just sitting in the line-up.  Needless to say, I still made the best of the race, but wished we raced at separate times on the course.  I’m sure we are not the only ones as we probably scare the sport and beginner riders when we approach at high rates of speed.

Next let’s move to October, Peak 2 Peak!  This race is something that I have only done once and had back spasms end my race.  This year I was ready, and feeling 100%!  The day before the race the forecast looked awesome with some rain showers possible around 11am and 12 pm, no big deal!

That night I slept in my newly finished campervan and heard rain in the morning, I looked out the window and noticed puddles which meant it probably rain most of the night.  To make things worse, the temperature was falling to close to freezing and it started sleeting and snowing during the morning race.  I went out to cheer people on and noticed a lot of mud on everyone, broken bikes, people dropping out, people with no brakes left on their bikes, and race officials closing down a big part of the course because it was that bad.  After talking with a few people, I decided that I was not going to race to just drop $1000 on fixing my bike and risk getting injured in horrible conditions.

Moving closer to Iceman I was very nervous not having really raced in a couple of months, but once we started our journey to the race, I started feeling better about it and really did not have much nervousness at all.  I watch my wife and friends take off from the start early in the morning. I made my way back to get ready for my race, and then headed to the finish line to pick up my wife and friends after the finished.  They all did great, they said the course was in amazing condition, things were looking even better.  We headed back to the cabin for me to get the rest of my things ready and myself geared up.

My 2018 Iceman Pro Mountain Bike race, it’s hard to believe that it is already over and done. This event is THE best event for biking in Michigan in my mind. The atmosphere is unmatched, the fans are unmatched, the riders are unmatched, it is simply the best! This year did not disappoint, traveling up to Traverse City and hanging with friends and some of the best people on the planet. Here is an overview of the 2018 ICEMAN COMETH CHALLENGE through my eyes.
I started my warm up before the race with dynamic movements to prevent any back issues that had arisen the week of the race. I then jumped on my 2018 Giant Anthem Pro to warm up for 30-35 minutes before the race. Temp outside was around 40 degrees, and I dressed perfect for the race. I waved at friends racing, nodded at others, and banged on the van of some buddies that were racing as well! I went to the start line a little later than I had wanted to because I was having issues getting the front GoPro on the bike. Needless to say, I was not as far up as I wanted to be at the start. At the start I saw many familiar faces, and was not as nervous as I have been in the past, after all, I am about to get my ass kicked. The race starts and it’s very fast, the group stays together for awhile speeding down the starting shoot and into the double track. Small gaps would form but as soon as we hit singletrack everyone would catch back up, this happened a few times. I felt like I was doing intervals the way we would all out sprint to catch up and then slam on the brakes to avoid crashing into each other because of the bottleneck. I made some mistakes by following the wrong lines through soft sand that cost me a few of my small matches. We were slightly behind the lead group when a crash involving Ben Sonntag and Dan Yankus happened, as we went by a guy from my train crashed with Ben yet again sending them into the soft sand. I made another mistake, I kept the gas on full as I tried pulling my small group back to the pack, when I should have let off, recovered for 45 seconds and grabbed on to Ben’s wheel. Hindsight… That was when my train jumped on with Ben and I was already at my max so I was left alone for while until another group caught up. To my surprise it was headed by two Tour De France Riders, Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie. I jumped in and went along for awhile. It was pretty cool riding with them, thinking about how awesome they were, and how good they were still handling the bikes on the rough singletrack, but I had to leave them in the dust and try and move up in the race! Especially after Floyd said his legs were blown up. That’s exactly what I did, moving from pack to pack, finally sitting in with a good group until Anita’s Hill blew our group into bits! As we moved closer to the finish line, more fans lined the course screaming and yelling, I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that feels! I can’t begin to thank them for the encouragement when you feel like slowing down but somehow you dig deeper. I did end up placing 39th in the race, which is my best to date. This was even with riding on a rear tire that somehow went down to 8 psi towards the end of the race. It was super scary in the corners, and somehow I managed to not roll the tire off or lose anymore air and finished with a sprint! The only thing I wish different, that my front GoPro would have made it through the whole race, especially the end with the amazing people cheering you on! Hope you enjoy the video, thanks for racing with me, be sure to share and subscribe to the YouTube channel!
Long video of 2018 Iceman:

Short video of 2018 Iceman:

Glacial Hills MTB Race Write Up

Glacial Hills is a flowing fun course with sneaky elevation gain, because it doesn’t really feel like your climbing as much as you are.  2018’s race was going to be a very dry and dusty one with no rain in the forecast leading up to the race.

Instead of staying up north at a great friends home like I normally do for races up in the Traverse City area, I decided to get up early and roll with my teammates Brent and Rob, both fast and technically sound riders.  I had to wake up at 5 $%$!!n fifteen in the morning to do this, which is very tough for me because I am not an early morning person.  I don’t like to get up before the sun, but that was needed in order to make the race.  Here is a picture of us loading up at 5:45 to leave, which I thought was a little early.  But, after we started driving, I soon realized that these old guys couldn’t hold their bladders and we had to stop every 10 minutes for these dudes to pee!

Only three other racers had pre-registered for the elite/pro race.  I looked at who was signed up, and figured a couple more would make the race.

We arrived at the race 3 hours after we left and right away I saw some elite riders that I was not expecting, but I told myself, no big deal, I should be able to hold the front group as long as the pace isn’t too crazy.  I preceded to get checked in and changed into my racing kit and went on my warm-up.

Then it happened, I saw him, the beast from the north and I knew the race was going to get blown apart as soon as we hit the singletrack, change of plans.

The course was super dusty and more sandy than I have ever seen it due to no rain.  This was the first race in a long time that I had not brought my GoPro’s, I think it was more of a decision my brain made rather than me consciously forgetting them.  The reason was because it seemed like almost every race I have done this year I have caught someone on camera crashing, so I did not want to be the superstitious reason for someone crashing again.

To the start line.  Before the race started while we all waited that long 10 minutes for the gun, I did announce that I did not have my GoPro’s on today so everyone was safe from crashing, a few guys picked up on that and chuckled.

The race starts, the pace is pretty good going up the gradual climb to get to the singletrack.  Jorden, the guy I was telling you about, aka the beast from the north, leads a fast pace into the woods and right away there is a crash which separates us a little from the group.  Cody and I push and catch back up to the group only to have another crash happen on more sand and we loose touch with the front group.

We worked together with Jeremy and gradually catch racers and move further up in the race.  As lap two progressed Cody and the G-man pulled away from Jeremy and I.  During lap two I started feeling really good, so on lap three I asked Jeremy if I could pull for awhile and he let me around.  I noticed after awhile I was catching rider after rider and making my way out of a double digit place and into the top 10.  I even started closing the gap on Cody and G-man.  I pushed myself really hard to catch them, but a 12 second gap is really hard to make up in a MTB race when the guy in front of you is pushing just as hard to stay away from you!  Cody and I even spoke about this after the race.

Afterward I think Kmac said that I better roll the GoPros because they actually prevent so many crashes, I think more of the Elite riders crashed on this day than did not.  This race was so dusty, I was a few shades darker than normal!  Photo Credit: Jack Kunnen

Racing…we pay to race, we get up early and drive far, we race and push our bodies to their limits, we manage more pain than most people can imagine…why do we do this?  If you don’t know, I doubt you would understand.  We live life behind bars!

This trip was a blast, and hanging with teammates made it even more fun.  We laughed a lot, had a great time before and after the race and I can’t wait to do it again!  Be sure to check out this race next year, as always, thanks for reading, share if you enjoyed it!

Big M Challenge, A MTB Race in the middle of no where!

Big M, I love it and I hate it.  It is beautiful,  inspiring, but it also causes me to have a little anxiety due to last years LJ100.

I love the singletrack there, especially on a full suspension. You can rip so fast on all the downhills, and then grind up the long climbs to test your fitness.  I don’t like the place because I completely bonked there last year at LJ100 and thought I was going to die, it haunts me.

I remembered the hill, that long climb, thankfully at the LJ100 you went the opposite way and came down that hill.  At this race however, you get to go up it not only once but three times!

I decided that I needed to keep racing more this year to keep my racing legs and to stay faster and not let the fitness fall off, so this race was on my schedule and I am very glad I did it as I was 4 minutes faster than last year.

The race starts with about 2 miles of fun flowing singletrack before you go up the hill, and this race started pretty fast and the pace seemed to pick up going up the first long climb up that hill.  After you crest the hill you flow for a bit and then there is another gradual climb in elevation before going out into the cut forest sections with the hot sun trying to overheat your body.  Once you reach the triple climb and crest that hill the rest of the course is amazing and super fun even at race pace.  Check out the action in the video below.


Every time I think I am getting ahead on things I wake up from dream land and realize there’s a lot to do!  I do have a big project coming soon, so stay tuned!

A few weekends back, some teammates and I decided to race the  TCTF race up near traverse city.  The race was amazing using almost all singletrack and doubletrack.  The event was put on very nicely, including the timing, course design, awards, mtbers, and post race food!!!

If you have not been up to race this race, I would recommend getting it on your schedule for next year, I would also recommend a full suspension bike to help smooth out the rough singletrack.

After the race we decided to put more miles in on the VASA, it was a great day on bikes!

Check out the footage and commentary on the race!

Trip West

How can a summer vacation not be great?  Our summer vacation did not disappoint! We traveled with our kids and my parents, and for the most part, we all got along.  There may have been an hour in there that was not so good!  haha

We left Michigan around dinner time on a Thursday and made it to Wisconsin for stay for the night.  We purposely stayed very close to where we would start things off! Up in the morning on Friday we were off to the Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin followed by a boat tour of the Dells. Cave of the mounds was amazing, not only is the cave temperature nice and cool, the cave is a must see! As for the boat tour, it was super hot, so hot that my 7 year old and mother started to shut down. Over 100 degrees and humid doesn’t make for pleasant weather unless you are in the water!  We still made the best of it!

We packed up the peeps and headed to stay near Theodore Roosevelt National Park, so that we could get up in the morning and have a short drive to get there.   This was our first time at this park and we were very surprised at its beauty and wildlife.  Watch out for the cliff edges!

Next on the list was traveling to BIllings, MT just outside of Yellowstone to re group and plan our next few days in the park.  By this point, the wife and I were itching for some singletrack.  We dipped into the trail forks app to locate some trails in the area and decided on the one with the best views, and that was close, only a 10 minute drive.  We woke up early and jumped in the loaded up SUV.  When we were 2 minutes away we realized that the road to get up the cliffs had just been closed due to a crack in the road, this added 15 more minutes to our travel plans and cut down on 30 minutes of riding time.  Instead of going back to the hotel, we pressed on and explored Zimmerman Trails, see the video for my review on the trail.

Next on the list was a day of driving through the beartooth highway and parts of Yellowstone, because of our lack of cardio on the ride in Billings, we wanted to get out and ride the next morning in Yellowstone.  Check out the snow we came across just before entering Yellowstone and our hike to Trout Lake.

Our Ride from Silver Gate into Yellowstone, just a little on the chilly side!

We spent a few days touring and hiking Yellowstone and wanted to find some singletrack again, so we used the trail forks app and found a trail system in West Yellowstone where we were staying.  Check out the footage and my opinion of this trail system called Renezvous.

After time spent in Yellowstone, we made our way to Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Needles Highway, Keystone, and the Crazy Horse Monument!


We also were able to ride on the epic Mickelson Trail which is 110 miles long!  My wife and I put in 20 miles and I added another 14 on my own.  See how amazing this gravel rail trail in the video below.

The next day I got up early and rode up to the top of needles highway!

We finished our trip at a water park for the little ones birthday, I think we all needed some cooling off after mostly hot hot weather!

Thanks for checking in, be sure to share and subscribe to the youtube channel Bike Life with Rob!  See you on the trails!

Island Lake Challege

It has been awhile since I have posted!   Summer is busy, kids are at home, it’s racing season, it’s beach season, and it’s camping season!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

The Island Lake MTB race was scheduled earlier in the year, but due to bad weather they postponed it and I decided to go and get my butt kicked!

The course is really fast, not a lot of climbing, but it definitely pays to know the course.  I started in last place in the pro/elite category, and gradually through lap one and the start of lap two, I was able to pick a couple people off. Things were looking good until I flatted, and it wasn’t a flat that I could pump back up, it needed a tube!

I actually tried pumping it up with a ladies pump and it wouldn’t hold air, you could hear the air escaping through the giant hole. I eventually hiked it out to the main road and was lucky enough to bump into a bike medic who patrols the course while the race is going on in case of a crash or mishap.  Thankfully he had a tube and fixed me up.  He also showed me a great technique for taking a tire off which I have used and it is way easier than I had previously done.  Too bad I didn’t record him doing it, I could have posted his advice in the form of a video.

As for the course, it was still wet in areas with standing mud water in the low sections, and the wooden bridge was ice, just ask everyone who crashed there.  Other than that the dirt was amazing and fast!  Check out the race footage that I do have and enjoy!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like cycling, I am way behind on the subscribers!

Cheap Action Camera

I recently found a cheap action camera at Menards for $30.  I figured for $30 even if the camera wasn’t great, I could give it to one of my kids and it would make their day!

I tried the camera with different settings to see if I could get a steady picture while connected to my mountain bike, and nothing worked.  This camera does not have any kind of stabilization control and I would not recommend it for use on any moving platform (bike, car, running, dog, drone, etc).  You may be able to use a gimble and get it to stabilize, however I do not have one and was not going to buy one to see if it worked.

I also had to mess with the saturation settings, as it came with the settings making everything overly saturated.  This is pretty easy to fix in the settings.

The camera does have an ok slow motion setting in which it takes video of an action sport and puts it in slow motion.  I would grade it average in this respect, and for $30 it’s pretty cool.

The camera does work well for shooting video of the action and not being a part of the action, again, worth the $30 to have a camera I can set on the trail and catch some footage of someone going by, doing a jump, smashing a corner, etc.  I just set it up on  a mini tripod and its good to go.

It also takes pretty good pictures as you can see in the second video below.  Overall I would recommend a buy on this if you need a camera to shoot the action as opposed to being a part of the action.  If you need a part of the action, action camera then I would go with a GoPro as they do a good job.  See the videos below for proof of what I explain here.  PS the sound quality of the camera is not good at all!




The MTB season has not gone how I would like it to so far.  The asthma issues pushed training back a bit,  and because of that I did not have any really great races so far this year.  I have had fun races, just not performance great races.

To add to that, I have recently been coming into form for racing, but then I decided not to race a race because of rain.  I had enough rain in the previous race and did not want to deal with it again.  And then the last race I was planning for the spring season, I missed the sign up deadline and there are no day of registrations.  So coming into to shape for nothing is kind of a bummer.

The good news, I have been able to get on intervals, and these really are great for MTB racing, and I can feel the power living in my legs after a few weeks of these.  I was able to try out the fitness on a local trail and I felt pretty good last weekend.

If you are not including intervals in your training routine, I don’t think you will see the improvements you are looking for.  They help you get off the start line, they help you fight and attack, they help you get up that crazy hill, and they get you the sprint finish win at the end of a race.  Intervals = Matches, how many matches do you have in your pocket?

If you need help with your training, visit https://urbikelife.com/product-category/mtb-training-plans/ and pick something that is right for what you have in mind!  Thanks for stopping by, let us know what your favorite type of interval is?


Mud, Sweat, and Beers Mountain Bike Race

MSB, one of my favorite races.

1. Because the weather is usually perfect for racing bikes, it’s not super hot and it’s not snowing or freezing rain.

2. Because the trail system in Traverse City is vast and the course seems to always change with the millions of trails they have.

3. Because the event is killer from everyone racing, to the people that bring MSB together every year.

This year was no exception, the weather was great, the announcer was entertaining, the guys I race with were great, the people I don’t race with were great, and the mtb community up there was great.  I was excited to get on the line to see what I could do again this year placing 14th in a close group of guys finishing from 12th place to 18th.  No complaints from the results considering a rough start to the season.

Check out the video, I have been trying to have fun and keep interest in the videos, so I have shortened the races. Instead of being 1.5 – 2 hours long, I try to keep them under 20 minutes, closer to 10 if possible.  I also have added some funny commentary to the videos to keep people watching.  The names given are in no way meant to make anyone cry, it is just for fun!  Check out the shortened race video, as always thanks for racing, be sure to subscribe, and let us know how your last race went?