Mountain Bike Camp 2019 -I- Day 1

Every year a group of guys from Michigan plan a trip to get in better shape for the upcoming mountain bike season. After some debate, it was decided that we would make our way down to Bentonville, Arkansas to check out the scene!

I feel blessed that I have a van that can get me where ever I choose, it is set up like a motorhome, but more compact, more efficient, and has everything I need to live out of. I am also grateful that I am able to go on such a trip and experience the amazing beauty of the world on a bike with cool people.

I had been in contact with a few guys who were starting the journey before the rest of the crew and decided that I wanted to make a week out of it as well. We planned to start South of the Bentonville area and work our way up. So I loaded up the van with food, water, and enough gear to take me through a week and started my journey very early in the morning on a Sunday. 4 am to be exact! I was up and going this early so that I could get all the way to Arkansas in one day to be able to ride the first trail a few hours after my cool peeps had tackled the same trail earlier. The benefit was now they told me what trails to ride, what trials to avoid, and what direction to ride them in! Check out the video below of the first trail and my start to Mountain Bike Camp 2019 at Iron Mountain!

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