Cycling Must Haves

Here are some Cycling Products that I have used and love as well as some great books to read!  Most of the products here are things that you will need if you are serious about cycling, if you are all about saving money in the long term, if you want to stay warm in the winter or any weather, if you want to learn how to maintain your own bike, and if you want to become a better cyclist.  To connect better with us, head over to the YOUTUBE channel Bike Like with Rob!

On the YouTube page you will come on biking adventures, be immersed in epic races, see cool cycling products that work, take a venture in the VanLife, explore new singletracks, as well as many other entertaining bike related topics.

Must Haves

Bikes and Vehicles 

The Pivot Bike Rack which moves the bikes out of the way of the back of your vehicle, is perfect for SUV’s, Trucks and vans!

The 2 or 4 bike rack that is easy to use and built to last.

If you have a truck, this will hold up to 6 bikes on your tailgate:

Cover your bikes on those nasty days with a bike cover to keep the salt and water off.

The Coleman 12V Cooler keeps your food and drink cold without the need for ice, it’s a portable refrigerator!

Vacuum for keeping your vehicle clean after dirt adventures! Perfect size for the vehicle.

Great Reads

A great book for planning out rides in the US,  Epic Bike Rides of the Americas.

A great book for planning rides at different places around the world, Epic Bike Rides of the World.

Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die, make sure you read this one.

If your goal is to get faster and stronger on the bike, The Cyclists Training Bible:

Another book with great training secrets:

To up your mental game which can propel you further toward your goals.

Get better on your MTB with this book, Mastering Mountain Bike Skills:

If you are over 50 or getting close, this is a great read, Fast After 50:

Save yourself some money with this book, The Art of MTB Maintenance:

The Toolkit

Bike stand for repairs and cleaning your ride!

Hex set:

Tork Wrench Set for that carbon bike.

Multi tool!!  Everyone needs one or two of these.

Starter Tool set:

Pro Park Tool set:

Chain Cleaning tool kit.

Bike Pump to keep your tires inflated properly.

Air Compressor:

Bike tire lever:

The best pliers:

Seal up those tubeless tires:

Sealant injector:

Valve Core remover:

Don’t get stuck without a tire patch kit.

Tire pressure gauge:

Fat tire pressure gauge:

Environmentally Friendly DRY chain lube:

Environmentally Friendly WET chain lube:

Environmentally friendly fork cleaner and maintainer.

Clean your bike with this great stuff, keep it looking brand new.

Bike Cleaning Brush Kit.

Clean that chain, chainring, cassette and pedals.

On the Trail Kit

Cycling Hip Pack for carrying all your just in case gear.

Cycling Hip Pack with water bottle holders for carrying gear.

Hydration backpack plus gear carrying:

Replacement reservoir for hydration pack, always good to have an extra:

Hydration Vest for carrying gear:

Multi tool!!  Everyone needs one or two of these.

Handheld portable bike tire pump for keeping in your hip or back pack.

CO2 inflator for that quick inflation:

Don’t get stuck without a tire patch kit.

Bike tire lever:

Spare 27.5 tube because it will work on most tire sizes.

A Tire Boot or a $10 bill will work to cover a bigger slash in the sidewall.

Don’t get stuck without a Tire Plug for bigger holes that sealant will not seal.

For Your Bike

Bike computer with heart rate monitor and cadence sensor:

Water bottle cages:

Water Bottles for the cold:

Water bottles:

Bike lights to keep you safe while riding in the dark:

Foam double lock bar grips:

Clipless XC pedals:

Clipless Enduro/Downhill Pedals:

Flat pedals if you are not ready to clip yourself to the bike!

Bike Disc locks, add extra protection to your bikes while away with the disc alarm lock, high pitch alarm will send jerks away from your $5000 bike!

Bike Lock:

While You Shred

Helmet that I love.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Bundle:

Universal Tripod:

Take your dog with you on the ride with the K9 Sport Sack: K9 Sport Sack Air:

Make it easier to ride on the cold with embrocation cream:

Stretchy and comfortable loose fitting MTB shorts!

Padded underwear to go under those shorts!

Gloves, if you crash these will help keep the skin on your body!

Chamois Cream to keep those delicate parts smooth.

Battery Powered Heated Socks to keep your feet warm in the winter!

Thermal Padded Bibs that are comfortable:

Thermal windproof waterproof cycling jacket:

Thermal Pants:

Winter Gloves:

Reduce wind noise on your rides and hear conversations and cars coming!

Bar Mits to keep your hands warm on those cold days.

Important Extras For the Win

If you do any kind of cycling, wet gear from sweat or the elements is the worst. get your gloves and shoes/boots dry fast so they don’t stink!

Get the strap to help your kids along the trail uphill when they get tired, or to pull a buddy home when they have bonked!

Apps for the win, get these on your phone:  Trailforks, MTB Project, Singletrack lite, Strava, a weather app, YouTube, your GPS device app, Red Bull TV, GoPro, Bike, and Bike unchained 2!  The first three apps will help you find trails and navigate trails, my personal favorite is Trailforks.  Strava allows you to track everything you do on your bike so you have a record of your accomplishments.  It’s always good to know what the weather is going to be like so find a weather app you enjoy and don’t get caught out in a thunderstorm.  YouTube has so many videos that can help you as a cyclists and also has people with channels that can entertain you with bike content which is better than cable TV!  Speaking of TV, get the Red Bull TV app as they do a lot of live biking events that are epic!  Make sure you download the app that works with your GPS device so that you can easily transfer your rides, this should also automatically upload to Strava.  If you are into shooting video while you bike and use a GoPro, get the app for easy access to your videos and editing.  For that time when you are off your bike, get the two bike gaming apps so you can shred on your phone.   Also get yourself a nice pair of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses.  You should also ride for your local bike shop and get a nice kit to wear if you race!  It may also be a good idea if you are a beginner to get a bike fit so that you are not compromising any part of your body.

If you do purchase from any of these Amazon links, it will help support the YouTube channel as I am an affiliate, this allows me to produce better videos with better content!  As always, check us out on YouTube!