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Rob and Joe Martin, brothers, were camping with family in the fall of 2014 up at Ludington State Park in Michigan.  Joe had brought up his mountain bike and an extra, Rob had his low end mountain bike from a big chain store.  While riding around the campground, Rob tried this little hill off the road and pulled the brakes to slow down and his tire rotated to the right while the handlebars stayed straight.  Luckily only the bike was broken.  So Joe thought, hey, you can use the extra bike I brought up and we can go check out some trails!  They headed off for the trails and had a great time, this MTB stuff was fun.  So Rob went back, bought a nice bike from his local bike shop, Rock-N-Road, and Joe had mentioned that there was this cool race in Traverse City called ICEMAN!  Not really knowing what they were getting in to, they both managed to get a transfer into the race and experienced the worst riding conditions ever experienced by any human being, almost to the point of them both saying this sport sucks!  They continued riding when they could during the winter, and trained a little bit this time for an upcoming season of MTB racing in Michigan, the MMBA Championship series!   So the idea came after many ideas, as both of them always have inventions running through their heads. One day they were riding their mountain bikes at Owasippe, which is located by the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and either before or after the ride the idea was sprung for urbikelife. From there, they brainstormed and the idea turned into reality! They both still love to ride bikes, have multiple bikes each for different terrain, and continue to race and ride with others that love the bike life!  They felt the need to express what their bike life consisted of, and now you can too.    

Rob is a CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) with a background in distance running, basketball, and recently mountain biking. He had the opportunity to work with the Chicago Bulls and Eastern Michigan University, but didn’t pursue either as family time was more important than spending it away. He still has worked with athletes in a variety of sports and at all levels, from grade school, to high school, to college, and even pro.  Rob has studied what works for MTB training on his own body, and has used it to perform very well in a short time. The programs he has designed cover races that are under 40 miles, optimally they are between 15-35 miles.  He also has put together 100 mile endurance programs, be sure to check them out by clicking the MTB Training Plans on the right side bar!  Still the best approach is personalized coaching which is also available, take your season to the next level!